Monday, January 26, 2009

Microfairies, salamanders, Meeshka, and trolls

Here's my first group of sketches.

I haven't found a proper name for what these things are yet (they might not be classified.) For now I'm calling them micro-fairies. They're usually found crawling on other larger fairies, sort of like lice. I want to make some better images of them since they're actually kind of pretty but all I have is an old magnifying glass. If anybody can tell me where to get a microscope at a decent price I would be much obliged.

This is a common Northeastern Salamander. They like campfires and other warm places (like kitchen stoves and light fixtures.) They are dormant in winter months. (And also a tiny picture of Tin somehow got on there.)
This is Meeshka. Meeshka lives in a meat locker here in Richmond. From what I understand he was originally from Alaska and was trapped in a refrigerator truck loaded with salmon. He doesn't speak English very well but he's learning. Since Richmond is classified as subtropical (look it up, it's on Wiki) Meeshka can't go outside except on the coldest days and nights. However he is eating well and other than being homesick and lonely he doesn't have any complaints. Sometimes I bring him his favorite snack - charcoal.

Last and least is this troll. I don't have any of my reference books here but I believe that trolls originated Sweden and there abouts. (I'll have to check with Abby since she's the expert on that area) There are A LOT of trolls in Richmond. I don't think I've ever come across any in Bland but they're everywhere you look in Richmond. Most of the time they're disguised as homeless people, owing to their relatively human shape and features and since they can blend in easily with hobos in their favorite shelter - under bridges. I think these small Americanized city trolls are fairly harmless, or less dangerous than some of the more deranged homeless humans. I'll have to research their diet to determine this.

I'll have more in depth descriptions of these creatures in later posts.

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