Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thassialus, scrymnyx, kaug, and Valpatya

A possible page from our guide for the "Thassialus."

Scrymnyx are a private and discriminating race. The have little interest in dealing with humans though they live in the midst of them and can most frequently be found nesting on or near libraries and museums. They are highly territorial and have a bizarre set of rules governing the spacing and use of their lands. Invading scrymnyx are executed.

Fact: Most festivals of the scrymnyx involve potatoes, which they consider highly valuable.

Little information has been gathered about the kaug. Possibly aggressive to humans. Beware.

Valpatya can be found anywhere in North America. They share the communal proper name of "Valpatya" but individuals may allow you to call them by a nick name if you become familiar with them. They are fond of music, pretty girls, and rotten meat. Valpatya frequently speak in cryptic terms but any information you can glean from them is very valuable.