Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recent Findings

I've been fortunate enough to catch this creature in the act of stealing the lead from my mechanical pencils. He was surprisingly obliging in letting me draw a picture of him... although I did have to agree to let him keep one of the pencils... I recognized him immediately as what's commonly known as a dust fiend, or a "dust bunny" because of the characteristic mouse-like limbs and the fact that his fur was really the bits of dust and lint that has collected in the corners of my apartment. I had always thought these creatures were rather unintelligent and shy, but that's not at all the case. I've found my particular dust fiend to have characteristics similar to the Scottish House Brownies. This leads me to believe that the dust fiend is some sort of adaption of the brownie to the urban household.

This is an intriguing monster. Normally found in swampy Southern areas of America, the Groaker became notorious for begging the unwary traveller for anything he might have. If the traveller looks into the groaker's eyes he will be forced to succumb to the groaker's demands. Eventually the Groaker will make off with everything you have and disappear into the bog, leaving the poor soul alone in the marshlands to die. Seeing them in the city isn't surprising. People discard so many valuable things that the groaker hardly has to beg. Although people can't see these creatures, city dwellers constantly feel the effects of them even if they don't realize it.

Ogres come from all over the world, and like trolls, they feed off of the creatures around them. Being forced out of the mountains and forests, city ogres became confused as to how to survive. They've become mostly mute due to the fact that they lost contact with each other when the cities started cropping up and they were forced to split up. City ogres are mostly herbivores, feeding on garbage and local vegetation. Being quite vast in size, they tend to inhabit vacant lots and abandoned buildings. This particular ogre I caught a glimpse of behind a decrepit thrift store where it was obvious he had been nicking old clothes to make either a bed or blanket out of. 

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