Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sooties and Green Men

A head shot of a Green Man (this one is very human looking but they vary from case to case.) Green men are originally from the United Kingdom and surrounding areas. Green Men do not like cities, buildings, or humans. They stay as far away from them as possible, living in deep forests. Unfortunately due to humans encroaching on their habitat Green Men have become bitter and angry. These creatures used to be considered benevolent or at least benign. It is best to donate some money to Save the Rainforest and leave them alone.

Sooties are a very common variety of fairy and the closest I have come across to the typical pretty pin up of a lady with butterfly wings. Sooties are nocturnal and live off a diet comprised mostly of nectar, berries from ornamental bushes, and sometimes catfood that's been left on the back porch. They also enjoy milk. If you come across a sooty it is very important NOT to pick it up or try and hold one because they are very fragile. Sooties have a skin textured like cobwebs and that is very easy to tear.

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